Spreading the Word – September’16 Spiritual Theme

Our Monthly Spiritual Themes guide our Chalice Circles, which are small, intentional groups of members and friends that gather for spiritual enrichment through personal sharing.

Our Chalice Circle thoughts and questions around the theme of Spreading the Word are:

  • “Gospel music is nothing but singing of good tidings – spreading the good news. It will last as long as any music because it is sung straight from the human heart.” – Mahalia Jackson
  • What message of glad tidings comes straight from your heart?
  • “May your life preach more loudly than your lips.” – William Ellery Channing
  • When have you, by your example, expressed your values in a public way?
  • “The church is God saying: ‘I’m throwing a banquet, and all these mismatched, messed-up people are invited. Here, have some wine.” – Rachel Held Evans
  • What holy message do you think the church proclaims?
  • “One came out of the church with a kind of comfortable and satisfied feeling that something had been done that needed to be done, and that was all I knew about it.” – Thomas Merton
  • Have you felt, after church, that something had been done that needed to be done? Describe the feeling.