Rev. Bill Neely

Thoughts and Prayers

A common response to tragedy is to hold those affected in our “thoughts and prayers.” It’s never enough, and yet sometimes it’s all we can do … unless we, or our leaders, could really do more. What are the pastoral uses and political abuses of holding people in thoughts and prayers? Worship Leader: Rev. Bill … Continued

Divine Forgiveness (** no podcast available **)

“To err is human, to forgive, divine,” wrote Alexander Pope in 1709. These words draw a distinction between the human and the Holy; a distinction that becomes an invitation for people to practice divinity by offering forgiveness. Why is forgiving someone a holy act? What are the blessings of forgiveness? Worship Leader: Rev. Bill Neely … Continued

Voting Gray

Emphasized in American politics are “single-issue” voters. These voters place one issue ahead of all others so much so that they are willing to vote against their values on many issues to align with their preference on their single most important question. This dynamic raises questions of purity and pragmatism and of the broad effects … Continued

Empathy Today and Tomorrow

Empathy is a sense of feeling something akin to what someone else is feeling. It’s a kind of connection that can lead to active care, and yet there is no assurance of any action as a response to feeling empathy. Regardless, it’s still there, offering us moral guidance, embodied wisdom, and the opportunity, always, to … Continued

Bending the Moral Arc

Martin Luther King, Jr. often paraphrased Unitarian minister Theodore Parker’s belief that, “the moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” On this MLK weekend, let’s explore what causes that arc to bend, and how we can strengthen that movement. This service will conclude earlier than usual so that members of … Continued