Peace Pole Project

An idea has been hatched to gift the congregation with a peace pole.

A peace pole is a 4 or 6-sided obelisk with the words “May Peace Prevail On Earth” in languages from around the world. The first peace poles were planted in Japan. Now there are tens of thousands on every continent in the world.The peace pole is a reminder that we are connected to others who pray and work for peace. It can also be a symbol to everyone that our congregation is a safe and inclusive place to be.

We have a few folks already committed to working on the Peace Pole Project, but we are looking for more interested congregants to help bring this project to fruition. This committee will establish a budget and timeline, as well as research various designs, materials and the logistics involved in its permanent installation. This will include working with the Executive Team and relevant committees for final approvals for the project.

Once we have a group wanting to work on this, we’ll schedule an organizing meeting and get going. In the meantime, we’ve scheduled our first fund raising event which will be a brunch on April 16, 2017.

Anyone wanting to be a part of this project please contact Kathy Lehmann