Lorraine’s Sabbatical – Returning Summer’17

After the Holiday Party, I will be leaving you for a while. This very generous community offers a sabbatical for the religious education director position. For me, this will be a time of reflection and renewal. The community, too will be afforded an opportunity for clarification and consideration of our faith development programs. The faith development programs for children and youth will continue in my absence with the Faith Development Committee providing oversight. Craig Rubano will also be available as a point person for the program.

During this time there will be no big changes to the current curricula or schedule. In the summer, I’ll return, looking forward to learning how things went in my absence and joining back in the shared ministry of faith development for children and adults. In that time the children will have grown and changed in many ways and I will look forward to seeing them and you again!

With gratitude,
Lorraine Shiarappa
Director, Lifespan Religious Education