Ingathering for Arm-in-Arm

We Gathered and Gave this Thanksgiving 2017

Arm in Arm (formerly the Crisis Ministry of Mercer County) greatly appreciates our congregation’s Ingathering food donations each year. The bounty this year weighed at least 755 lbs — ‘at least’ because our rapid inflow was hard to gauge with their small scale. Our industrious congregation’s workers streamed in with the groceries faster than they could be weighed. Given the limits of building’s current construction, it’s amazing that we held the Ingathering at all!

Thank you to all who donated and to all who hauled in your donations, hauled them out to vehicles, drove to Trenton, then unloaded, sorted and shelved!

Our donations contained many wonderful fresh veggies, fruits, and bottles of spices/herbs – and we filled up the empty shelves at the new branch of Arm in Arm on Hudson Street, Trenton