Chalice Circles Starting Up

Hands in a circleChalice Circles are small groups of people who gather monthly for connection and reflection. There are typically 8–12 members in a group, and each session follows a format that creates a safe and welcoming space. Each month’s session focuses on the UU Princeton Spiritual Theme presented in Skylights. A facilitator guides the sessions, making sure that everyone has the chance to speak and reminding the group of the importance of listening deeply to one another, avoiding cross-talk, and not judging another’s perspective.

Chalice Circles lead us toward intimacy, growth, and connections. They often become very important to people who participate.

Here is what one participant, Francesca Benson, has said:
“I’m very glad that I decided to join a Chalice Circle this year. Our meetings provide an opportunity to connect in an authentic and supportive way with other members of the UU Princeton community. The Chalice Circle guidelines ensure that everyone has an equal chance to be heard. We learn to put our opinions aside and allow each person to speak
without interruption or comment. For me, participating in Chalice Circles is an important aspect of my spiritual growth.”
Visit our table in Robinson Lounge after Sunday services starting September 11 through October 2 for more information and to sign up to join one of our existing
circles or become part of a new circle.

~Linda Benson