Worship Associates –  A Shared Ministry

One of the best things about shared ministry is that each of us takes part deeply in the life of our congregation. The Worship Associates program at UU Princeton is a reflection of our congregation’s commitment to shared ministry. The program provides an opportunity for laypeople to play a leadership role in our Sunday morning worship services. Worship associates enjoy the deep satisfaction of contributing to community worship.
Worship Associates also express the diversity of our congregation and our community. We encourage all congregants committed to the worship experience to apply.

Successful worship associates are:

  • Flexible and work in a collaborative relationship with the ministers and other lay service leaders
  • Help plan the worship service
  • Share in leading the worship service
  • Grow in worship leadership presence


  • Serve at worship services on six or seven Sundays throughout the year
  • The Worship Associate arrives at the congregation early (9:45 am Sunday morning) to make sure the sanctuary is prepared for the service
  • Contact the minister a couple of weeks before the worship service to help plan and discuss the associate’s role
  • Attend Worship Associate training
  • Attend Sunday services regularly throughout the year

Talk to any of the current associates. We can all share what being a Worship Associate has meant to us.

If you think you can’t do it, please think again. If you are interested in becoming a Worship Associate, please contact Rev. Neely.