Quixote and the Impossible Dream

When the plans, unlikely contrivances, lie in smoldering ashes, our Sancho, aide and hapless reality guide to dauntless Don Quixote de la Mancha, kicks about the embers seeking usable remnants from which to pursue another perhaps impossible dream. For in spite of all the warnings, in spite of all the maxims about living for the day, we are creatures who, if we are to live a worthy life, must dream on even to the end.

Spiritual Renovations

The major renovation of our building involves tearing down walls, digging up floors, and in some cases, getting rid of what is so that something new can be built … kind of like what is needed for our own personal spiritual growth. Let’s explore what we should renovate in our own lives to make room for more spirit.

The Cost of Comfort

Endorsing Sanctuary for people in danger of inhumane deportation practices can sometimes make us uncomfortable. It positions us against entities of great power. This service explores what comfort costs, and what courage gives. We invite everyone to stay after the service, from 12-3 p.m., for an “Immigration Teach-In” led by the New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice.

Personalities and the Spirit

A loud rousing worship song, or a quiet peaceful musical mediation? Lots of captivating visuals, or blank spaces that don’t distract? Greet one another with spirit, or sit quietly in peace? Our personality types help explain our wishes and desires in these and many other areas of congregational life. More importantly, they can help us understand everyone else’s wishes and desires too. Let scratch the surface of this rich area of discussion.


In Loving Memory

We gather to celebrate the themes of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), a Mexican holiday that honors and celebrates those who’ve died. Additionally, our Evergreen Chapter of the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans will lead us in a Notes to the Dead ritual, in which we’ll mark our ongoing love and affection for those who are no longer with us.