Children and Families in the Age of Anxiety

There is a perception that children are becoming more anxious about the world they live in. How can families ease this stress and offer children a picture of hope and possibility? What is the role of faith in supporting families in trying times? Our director of Lifespan Faith Development, Lorraine Shiarappa will offer a few ideas.

Fear, Fight, and Flight

The Fight or Flight response helps us understand how we may react to perceived threats, but there are other responses that our liberal faith can cultivate. Fear is natural, but what is our best response to its presence? Fight? Flight? Or something else?

Hanging of the Greens

All are welcome to our annual holiday tradition that involves the whole congregation! Enjoy a skit by our Youth Group, sing carols with our choir, and help prepare the holiday garland that encircles Channing Hall during December. You won’t want to miss this festive UU Princeton tradition!

The Holy, Human Light

Hanukkah centers on a story about people holding onto hope, even when despair seems to make more sense. It reflects a larger human pattern; that even in the most difficult of times, love, resilience, and faith abide, and they become alive though human words and deeds. How can the story of Hanukkah teach us to be those creative and creating people today


Grief and the Holidays: a Vesper Service (**6 pm**)

The season of light and joy can be difficult for those who carry grief in their hearts. As we do each year, let’s join together for a holiday vesper service that makes room for that grief. Music, poetry, and silence will guide us as we hold one another in love and community.

Christmas Eve Contemplative (**8 pm**)

Lessons, carols, and candles are our guides as we consider the ancient Christmas story, told anew each year, and what it means for us today. Worship Leaders: Rev. Bill Neely and Marjorie Herman Worship Associate: Alice Deanin Music: Bell Choir; Adult Choir; Victoria Chow, piano; Marjorie Herman

New Beginnings

With each New Year, most of us come up with some sort of New Year’s Resolution to lose ten pounds, or to finally learn to play that musical instrument we have always wanted to play. Most of us will not fulfill these resolutions. What if we have been going about this the wrong way? Come kick off of your New Year’s Eve celebrations as we explore approaching each new year as a new beginning while incorporating the ideas of other New Year’s traditions into our own.