Bending the Moral Arc

Martin Luther King, Jr. often paraphrased Unitarian minister Theodore Parker’s belief that, “the moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” On this MLK weekend, let’s explore what causes that arc to bend, and how we can strengthen that movement. This service will conclude earlier than usual so that members of … Continued

The People We Can Be

We begin 2018 by looking at the year ahead. Called and challenged to do so much in our hurting world, how can we make sure that we stay centered in who we are? Which values and teachings of our faith should guide our efforts to bless the world? Worship Leader: Rev. Bill Neely Worship Associate: … Continued

New Beginnings

With each New Year, most of us come up with some sort of New Year’s Resolution to lose ten pounds, or to finally learn to play that musical instrument we have always wanted to play. Most of us will not fulfill these resolutions. What if we have been going about this the wrong way? Come … Continued