All Music Sunday

Never has there been a time when we need to step back and appreciate what we have, what we’ve always had. That’s the subject of this poignant new cantata, written by UU Revs. Keith Arnold and Wendy Williams, both from Jefferson Unitarian Church in Golden Colorado…

Logic and Lawn Darts

(There will be no podcast available for this service.) When do we deem something too dangerous for our own good?  In a land of free market capitalism and enormous individual freedom, we reserve banishment for only the most heinous products that threaten our health and well being.  Or do we? Jeff Liebmann serves the Unitarian … Continued

I, Thou, and the Holy

Worship Service: We change throughout life, and with the accumulation of that wisdom we are able to look back upon our younger days with a clarity that only change and transience brings. And yet even amidst change, something about us remains constant. Looking at the stories of our lives, what lasts and what passes away … Continued