Learning from our Young: A Celebration of Religious Education

Be inspired by credos offered by our Coming of Age class, the bridging of our graduating high school students, and the lessons learned and taught by our young people of all ages in our Religious Education program this year! Come enjoy one of our most inter-generational and meaningful services, led by our younger people, their … Continued

Science, Stories, and the Sacred

At odds, science and religion can bicker like fans of competing football teams. But interwoven, they can sing together of wisdom, humility, and beauty. Let’s listen for their song this morning. We’ll also honor the important moms of family and choice in our lives on this Mother’s Day Sunday. Worship Leader: Rev. Bill Neely Worship … Continued

The Dividing Line

We join hundreds of UU congregations this morning in a national conversation on white supremacy in particular and the concept of supremacy more broadly. What is the history of supremacist thinking, how do its manifestations cause harm, and how can we as people of faith be agents of healing? Worship Leader: Rev. Bill Neely Worship … Continued