The Unitarian Universalist Child Dedication honors the life of a young one and the love and guidance offered by those raising the child. The ritual includes the young one, (often a baby), the parents or guardians, and sometimes the godparents, grandparents, and others who hold a special place in the life of the child. The exact ritual may differ from Unitarian congregation to Unitarian congregation, but they all lift up the divine spark in the child’s life, the holiness of the love in which the child will be raised, and the blessings of the kind and compassionate circle of care that will strengthen the child and those directly caring for them.

Rev. Neely’s dedications typically include a blessing of the parents and family members included in the Dedication. The child is blessed with the elements: earth, air, fire, and water. If the Dedication occurs before the congregation, that body in invited to bless the young one, as well. A prayer is offered. If the Dedication is before the congregation, we will sing a song of peace and love for the child. The entire service is guided by the belief that each child is born one more redeemer, whole and holy, holding a divine spark within and bearing the potential to bless the world beyond themselves. We affirm that beauty and potential, and dedicate ourselves to nurturing the child through all the years to come.

These rituals can be public during a Sunday Service or private. Non-members please also read about our rental fees for building space.

Please contact me with your concerns and questions.~Rev. Bill Neely

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