We Stand With Muslims and Other Peaceful Faiths

From UU Princeton’s Board of Trustees and Rev. Bill Neely – December 2015

As representatives of a faith that actively promotes hope, love, justice and joy, the Board of Trustees of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Princeton, along with our minister Reverend Bill Neely, cannot stand by while people in our country are unfairly ostracized because of their faith, or persecuted because of the actions of extremists who claim to represent them. In response, we offer this statement in utmost respect for all those affected by acts of terror or religious persecution.

We stand with Muslims and other peaceful faiths against radicalism, and against extremists who use violence and terror to promote their ideas. At the same time, we are saddened by the rhetoric that is becoming commonplace, both among our public leaders and those who would lead, that promotes suspicion of and hostility toward good and peaceful people simply because of their religion.

In the face of terrorism we urge our fellow faith communities to join us in speaking out for peace, justice, and a rational approach to the issues at hand. We hope to empower those who are working to change the tide of hatred, fear, and death; those among us who practice peace through action.  There is no simple solution to terrorism, violence, and radicalism, but hatred, fear, and blanket intolerance in response make those problems worse.

We urge others in our community to speak out as well to counter the tide of speech and actions that focus on religious persecution.