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Socialize on Social Media

As part of our commitment to local outreach and  to spread our community and social justice programs, we are thrilled to announce our newly expanded presence on social media!


Our Facebook is undergoing visual renovation (much like our beloved building) and will give more immersive coverage of the happenings at UU Princeton.This will include photographs of the congregation at large to offer a sense of the community and all the incredible different avenues for participation and connection that exist both within the building and within our local Princeton area. The Facebook page will also have information about upcoming services and events, relevant news and calls-to-action from the wider UU world.

We are also expanding on to Instagram, Twitter and YouTube! You can follow the UU Princeton Instagram for more images of the congregation and services, live Instagram “stories,” and a taste of the UU community at large. The UU Princeton Twitter is updated with social justice programs, opportunities, calls-to-action, articles, UU news and UU Princeton updates.

And last, but not least, the UU Princeton YouTube channel will provide weekly videos from the services themselves –choir performances, sermons and homilies, important ceremonies or rituals and more. These videos will also be shared on the Facebook page for the most ease of access – feel free to share them when you see them on Facebook!

Following these social media handles and sharing the posts will help to grow our community, our visibility, and our ability to successfully bring to life as much social justice as possible. In this way, we hope to spread our message of hope, love, justice and joy as best we can.

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Send relevant pictures, graphic materials or event notices and updates to our External Communications Specialist: Lauren Suchenski