Building a New Way

Flower Communion is a Unitarian Universalist ritual that is rooted in holding onto the faith that that the way things are is not the way things must be. Hatred, divisiveness, and violence may be today’s realities, but they need not be those of tomorrow. Let’s observe Flower Communion as we consider how we can build a new way, together. You’re invited to bring a flower from a field, your home, the store; from wherever you like, to exchange during the service.
This service will include a Celebration of New Members, and all members are encouraged to plan on staying after the worship service for our Annual Meeting. Following the Annual Meeting, everyone is welcome at our annual All-Church Picnic, and please, bring a friend!

Worship Leader: Rev. Bill Neely
Worship Associate: Judy Vee
Music: Adult Choir; Kids’ Chorale; Victoria Chow, piano; Marjorie Herman