The Cost of Comfort

Endorsing Sanctuary for people living in this country who are in danger of inhumane deportation practices can sometimes make us uncomfortable. It positions us against entities of great power; power that is sometimes used unjustly, and it’s easy in this setting for comfort to become a very attractive goal. But seeking comfort comes with a … Continued

Spiritual Renovations

The major renovation of our building involves tearing down walls, digging up floors, and in some cases, getting rid of what is so that something new can be built … kind of like what is needed for our own personal spiritual growth. Let’s explore what we should renovate in our own lives to make room … Continued

Quixote and the Impossible Dream

When the plans, unlikely contrivances, lie in smoldering ashes, our Sancho, aide and hapless reality guide to dauntless Don Quixote de la Mancha, kicks about the embers seeking usable remnants from which to pursue another perhaps impossible dream. For in spite of all the warnings, in spite of all the maxims about living for the … Continued

The Many and the Few

(** There is no podcast for this service **) Democratic governance organizes the many to elect the few who will lead the many; in predictable cycles that repeat often. But when the few elect the few, democracy falls apart. How does our faith seek to empower the many in America’s governance, and why is building … Continued

Higher Ground

UU singer/songwriter Kiya Heartwood returns to UU Princeton to help lead this morning’s service about reaching for and finding the higher ground of justice, love, and community. Kiya was last active in UU Princeton from 2009-2011 when her wife, Rev. Meg Barnhouse, served as our Interim Minister. Come welcome Kiya back! This Sunday also marks … Continued