Our Pianist Accepts New Position – Congratulations Henco

UU logoFarewell, Henco

We’re really sad to bid farewell to our amazing pianist Henco Espag, who has been offered a position at a church in NYC beginning July 1. By accepting this position, Henco will be situated in the heart of the city that will allow him to make his way into the theatrical and compositional environments that are at the center of his talents.  Our sadness is doubled as we will also lose the broad talents of Henco’s husband, Eric Oliver, who has been singing for us, and gifting us with his mellow euphonium playing at services.  He’s also been pinch-hitting for Margie as conductor of the Adult Choir.  This duo will be sorely missed, but we’ll keep you posted as their stars rise in the Big Apple. We’re currently looking for a replacement at the keyboard, although Henco leaves difficult shoes to fill!