Youth Group (9th-12th grade)

Youth Group is the Religious Education for our high school youth (9th through 12th grade). We meet most Sundays, beginning in the sanctuary, Channing Hall, 10:30 am, and then continuing in a room on the the lower level of the building. Sunday morning is a time to create covenanted safe space where teens can speak from the heart and listen with intention. It is also a time for group discussion and fun.

Sunday morning is not all that Youth Group is or does. Our programming centers on: leadership development, UU denominational learning, social service justice work, worship and faith practice, and social activities.

Typical Youth Group activities include:

  • Overnight lock-ins
  • Attending Youth Conferences and Cluster Gatherings
  • Attending the UU General Assemblies
  • Mission Trips
  • Hosting coffeehouses
  • Organizing Halloween Parties for urban children
  • Charity pie-baking
  • Helping with the Loaves and Fishes Program
  • Organizing youth worship services

This Year

Each year our Youth Group meetings begin in September and run through May, with a pause for June through August.

The 2017-2018 Youth Advisers are Lauren Foss and Pauline Nijander. Our Youth Programs Coordinator is Craig Rubano.