Coming of Age Program

Eighth grade is a big, growing, maturing year in your child’s life. The 8th graders are now following the Our Whole Lives (OWL) program which helps youth navigate a life including sexuality. We invite children to also attend the Coming of Age events. In Coming of Age we articulate the role of faith in our lives. The teachers with our director of religious education have planned an engaging, richly awarding Coming of Age experience.

While Our Whole Lives Program (OWL) continues to meet on Sundays in 2017 through March 19; the Coming of Age programs will be woven into the winter months and will be fully active from March 26 through May, as OWL ends.

We strongly urge your child to take part in as many of these offerings as possible to help them make the most of this year of growth, transition and connection.  At the Coming of Age Launch on January 20th we will explore the program with you more fully, including the roles of parents and mentors.

TO DO: Right now please talk with your youth about people they would like work with as a mentor.  We will ask adults in the congregation to be guides and friends for these youth, starting with your choices.

Kim Law, Mason Howington, Meredith Hoffman and Carol Haag

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