We offer religious education programs for children in kindergarten through high school. A sense of community develops by being in relationship with one another. By sharing, listening and working together we deepen our relationships and strengthen our spiritual connection to our own community and that of the larger world.

Build community

Parents and other congregation members lead class lessons, mentor, help with class trips and, in a variety of ways, enhance the learning experiences of the children. Special Youth Advisors work with the 9th through 12th graders.
Children and youth join in worship with the entire congregation in our Sanctuary, Channing Hall. After the Story for All Ages, children accompany teachers and leaders to their class rooms where groups gather for lessons and activities.


Nursery Care is available for children from 6 months to 2 years. Our caregivers are paid professionals and are screened for safety. We encourage parents to assist as needed.

Pre-K and Kindergarten: Chalice Children โ€“ ages 3-5. Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten children enjoy stories, songs and playtime and begin to build a faith circle of friends. The curriculum used is Chalice Children. It’s focus on building community with our friends, families and world around us.

Grades 1-2-3 Pathfinders. Early elementary grades use the Moral Tales and Faithful Journeys curricula. These story and activity-based programs develop ethical conduct and the beliefs and values of the Unitarian Universalist faith.

Grades 4-5 Wisdom Seekers reflect on qualities of faith – integrity, courage, love. Children explore living out our faith in covenanted community as they search for truth and meaning and build a more peaceful world. Our curricula are Toolbox of Faith and Our Whole Lives.

Grades 6/7 Faith Explorers use the Building Bridges program and learn how others practice their faiths around the world. Children visit other faith communities. They compare and reflect on how we are alike and different in our search for truth, meaning and spirituality.

8th Grade โ€“ Two Programs

  • Our Whole Lives is a program about human sexuality and personal values. Trained leaders work with youth in a welcoming and safe environment as they explore ideas about human sexuality that can dismantle stereotypes and assumptions, improve decision-making, build self-acceptance and foster healthy relationships.
  • Coming of Age focuses on personal spiritual development. It includes working with mentors, special projects, and social action activities. Each youth creates a personal statement of belief to share with the congregation on the annual Religious Education Sunday.