Construction News # 2

What is this all about?   Our Goal is to frequently inform members of the UUCP congregation about the progress being made on the construction of our “new” building and to answer your questions about what is taking place.

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Who are you and Why are you doing this?   Change is often upsetting to people.  We hope concerns will be diminished by knowing what is happening, by being able to ask questions, and by knowing there is an end date to the disruption they feel.  We are: Peter Macholdt, Major Renovation Chair, Sara Oderwald, and Carl Haag.

So you reply: ” I know Peter is spending many hours at the church monitoring the remodeling of the building and everyone knows that Sara is the lynchpin of what happens in the congregation, including the re-construction, but why is Carl involved?”

This is Carl:  I’d like to say that I wanted to solve the “Case of the Disappearing Rest Rooms.”  The less sleuth-ful but truthful story is that I heard rumors that the two toilets on the first floor would vanish before the Memorial Service I was ushering at.  I was upset about dealing with this and also had my own problems about losing “these comfort stations.”   However, when I learned from Peter why this was happening, I volunteered to get the word out to our members.  Most of the “word” will come from the two experts involved, Peter and Sara.    

Why were the two restrooms taken out the first week?  Good question.   Some folks wondered why the new restrooms weren’t built before the old ones were removed.  The answer is that the new electrical and gas lines were coming in where the restrooms were located and that was a first priority.

What toilets are available to us?   There are four.  Two are downstairs, there is a vestal white “Porta-John” with running water in front of the church, and another brown/green one across the parking lot, used by the workmen.  All are clean and well-maintained.  Whether these are sufficient for us is being monitored.

Things You Should Know!

  •   Peter Macholdt is often at the church 3 times a day and has weekly meetings with our architect and the Head of Scozzari Builders.
  •   Scozzari is concentrating staff and equipment on our church project so it will be done by the end of February, 2018.
  •   Peter is taking bunches of photos to document the work, and Carl is taking photos because of his absurd obsession.   Photos of church areas where “angels fear to tread” will be on the church bulletin board devoted to Construction Hi-lights.
  •   You can ask questions about what is happening by sending an email with Your Question, Your Name, Your Telephone No., to:
  •   You will receive an answer by email or phone.  This Q and A may be shared with others in Hi-lights
  •   Future Hi-lights will usually be much briefer than this or even the Hi-light that follows:

Construction Hi-lights

Peter reports that the first two weeks of work have been on schedule and that the problematic Asbestos has been removed.   The jack-hammering has removed concrete on both floors with a constant stream of chunks being pushed out in wheeled containers and placed in large Dumpsters.  The Dumpsters have been dumped and brought back.   So far, so Good!