Channing Hall Design

Channing Hall – A Sketch


Here is the architect Charles H. Warner Jr.’s sketch of Channing Hall in its design phase. Warner was a founding member and architect with the firm Warner, Burns,Toan & Lunde. He designed many buildings on college campuses including works at Wesleyan, Cornell, Brown University and Hofstra University. He also designed hotels for Hilton, including the Ramses Hilton in Cairo.

And most importantly, for our UU Princeton congregation, Warner and his firm designed churches – among them, the then Unitarian Church of Princeton, now the Unitarian Univeralist Congregation of Princeton. In fall 1955, Warner, Burns, Toan & Lunde were chosen to design the Unitarian Church of Princeton. The Tower Construction Company of Princeton was  given the contract for construction. The building was officially dedicated October 26, 1958.