This congregation is a vibrant, active, embracing congregation that includes members and friends of all ages from all over central New Jersey. Each week, we worship, learn, and serve together in an Unitarian Universalist community. We grow together spiritually and reach out as one into a world that needs the love, justice, and compassion at the center of our faith. We honor and enjoy our differences, and at the same time affirm our fundamental unity as people of loving hearts and open minds.

Our congregation is one of more than 1,000 in the world, mostly in North America, committed to similar values. We are members of the Unitarian Universalist Association, the Metro Unitarian Universalist District, and the Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry of New Jersey. We enjoy an active partnership with an Unitarian Congregation in Romania. We also regularly partner with regional UU congregations in many ways – from collaborative Youth Group events to shared professional development programs for Ministers and Directors of Religious Education.

1950's Building the church

Our History – by June K. Heald & Mark M. Heald

image-uucp-history-1948In 1965, the Princeton congregation’s archivist and historian created a history covering the years 1948-1965. You can read the The Unitarian Church of Princeton New Jersey – Handbook and History (1948 to 1965) here

Our History – Decade by Decade

Our own Princeton Congregation had its beginnings in 1948. Read about the 1950s – our beginnings, the 1960s – activism and social changes, the 1970s – recognizing youth, the 1980s – growth and consolidation, the 1990s – searching for leaders, the 2000s – new beginnings, and the 2010s – our maturing.

Ministers of UU Princeton

Rev. Straughan Lowe Gettier (1953–1960)

The Rev. Gettier, formerly pastor of the Massachusetts Unitarian Church, West Roxbury, Massachusetts, came to Princeton in 1953 when the Princeton group was starting up as a Fellowship. He served during the construction of the present building on Cherry Hill Road.

Rev. Robert L. Cope (1961–1976)
Rev. Howard J. Middleton, Associate Minister (1965–1968),
Rev. Wilfrid Ward, Minister of Religious Education (1968–1972)
Rev. Dr. Edward A. Frost (1976–1989)
Rev. Dr. Peter H. Sampson, Interim (1989–1990)
Rev. Dr. Paul S. Johnson (1991–2002)
Rev. Christine F. Reed, Minister of Religious Education (1998–2011)
Rev. Robert Latham, Interim (2002–2004)
Rev. Forrest Gilmore (2004–2009)
Rev. Meg Barnhouse, Interim (2009–2011)
Rev. Bill Neely (Sept. 2011-to date)