We encourage sustainable behaviors and promote recycling. Let’s reduce the trash that ends up in a landfill. Because Princeton municipality is in the forefront of communities that recycle, the congregation recycles more kinds of items than some of us can at home.

We have different bins for different kinds of trash. To get it right, you need to know which of these four kinds of trash you are throwing out. The four kinds are:

  • Recyclable paper
  • Organic recyclables
  • Mercer County recyclables
  • Non-recyclable trash

Right-Size your Trash

Recyclable Paper. In the Lounge and Office are round black plastic bins with swinging lids that are just for clean paper.
They are not for paper cups or plates! They are good for old orders of service, newspapers, scrap paper, etc.

Organic Recyclables. Our congregation participates in a municipal wide program that recycles organic wastes into compost. We collect organic materials in green bins lined with special green biodegradable plastic bags. These 24-gallon bins are in and near the kitchen.

While mainly for all types of food waste, you can also throw in paper products soiled with food waste (coffee cups, napkins, pizza boxes, wooden coffee stirrers).

During clean-ups, kitchen clean up crew/person should  place the used green bags in the 60-gallon bin just outside the rear entrance (near the temporary office), and put new green bags in the bins.

Mercer County Recyclables. We have special bins for trash that the Mercer County Improvement Authority recycles. In the kitchen (and sometimes elsewhere in our building) is a large yellow  and (or) green bin for these items. Also, one of the large trash dumpsters in the back of the main parking lot is just for these recyclables. Toss into these yellow (or green) recycling bins:

  • Aluminum & metal beverage containers
  • Books (softcover, telephone directories, hardcover with cover removed)
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Detergent & shampoo containers
  • Glass food & beverage jars/bottles (all colors)
  • Juice boxes & juice/beverage cartons
  • Milk jugs & plastic beverage bottles
  • Mixed paper, office paper & window envelopes
  • Pet food cans
  • Plastics with #1 or #2 symbols

Non-recyclables. Put non-recyclables in the large brown trash bin in the kitchen or any of the small rectangular black plastic trash receptacles found in all the rooms and the Lounge. Toss in:

  • Aerosol cans
  • Aluminum foil/baking pans
  • Bandage tins & cookie tins
  • Carbon & waxed paper
  • Ceramics & pottery
  • Clothes hangers
  • Drinking glasses, dishes & broken window glass
  • Light bulbs
  • Motor oil & anti-freeze containers
  • Plastics with #3 – #7 symbol
  • Styrofoam
  • Tissue paper
Plastic Film Recycling – A Special Container
Plastic film is thin polyethylene plastic used for wraps, packaging or commercial/retail use bags. It’s sometimes called stretch film.Where can I recycle plastic film and bags? We have a special bin (container) for plastic film and bags. DO NOT put anything else in this container – only plastic film and plastic bags.The container is near the front entrance.You can throw in:

  • shrink-wrap
  • plastic bags
  • newspaper sleeves
  • bread bags
  • cereal inserts
  • bubble wrap
  • dry cleaner bags
  • case overwrap
  • food storage bags
  • produce bags,
  • plastic wrap that surrounds paper towels and bathroom tissue.