We operate under bylaws adopted in 2005 and, over time, amended. At the Annual Meeting usually held in early June, the entire congregation of members will meet, vote on our budget for the upcoming year and elect members of the Congregation to three leadership groups:

  • The Board of Trustees
  • The Committee on Ministry
  • The Leadership/Nominating Committee

These elected bodies work closely with our minister and staff to fulfill our mission and vision.

Policy Governance Model

Currently the policy-governance model guides our governing approach.You can read also the primer on policy governance:

Logged-in Website members can find leaders’ emails and phone numbers in our directories, read the Board of Trustees’ minutes, and examine our bylaws, budgets, financial reports, and other governance documents.


Questions about leadership or the Board, contact our Board president.

The Board of Trustees

The Board focuses on big questions like mission, vision, strategic plan and long-view financial questions. The Board works closely with our minister and the church administrator to monitor our progress. The Board is ultimately responsible for the corporate management of the Congregation and all its affairs. Nine Trustees serve staggered three-year terms.   (** photo of the Board – September 2017 **)

President 2016-2019Cindy Funka-Lea
Vice President2016-2018Sharon Copeland
Secretary 2016-2019 Douglas Radtke
Trustee2015-2018Beth Behrend
Trustee2016-2019 Kevin Trayner
Trustee2017-2018 Jen Ping Wang
Trustee2017-2020Meg Cox Leone
Trustee2017-2020Stephanie Saunders
Trustee2017-2020Jason McSheene

The Committee on Ministry

The minister and the Committee on Ministry assess the health of our ministries. The Committee also mediates conflict within the congregation. The six lay members serve staggered three-year terms. The minister is an ex-officio member.

The Executive Team

The minister and the office administrator make up the Executive Team which is responsible for the Congregation’s day-to-day operations. The Team creates committees and recruits volunteers to lead many areas of congregational life

The Leadership/Nominating Committee

The Committee nominates individuals for election to the Board of Trustees, the Committee on Ministry, and the Leadership/Nominating Committee itself. It also nurtures healthy, sustainable leadership for our congregation through workshops, a mentoring program, and online resources. Six congregants serve staggered two-year terms, with three new members each year.


Congregants join and work together on many committees and ministries. There are rich opportunities for you to develop your gifts, make friends, and serve our community.

Here is a non-exhaustive sampling:

  • Adult Faith Development Committee – Develops and promotes adult religious education
  • Building, Grounds, & Facilities – Oversees maintenance, repair, and renovations of the facility including development of an annual maintenance plan, landscape planning, and maintenance of grounds
  • Capital Campaign Committee – Develops and coordinates the Capital Campaign to be used for major renovations to our building
  • Children’s Religious Education Council – Assists and promotes the RE program.
  • Choirs and Worship Musicians – The Adult Choir, Bell Choir, Kids’ Chorale, and talented members with musical skills regularly contribute to our Sunday morning services
  • Fellowship Committee – Coordinates programs that focus on fun and fellowship
  • Finance Advisory Team – Recommend financial policies and practices for the congregation
  • Information, Technology, and Archival Ministry – Supports the website, improves our use of technology, maintains the congregational archives
  • Major Renovations Committee – Develops, plans, and implements capital improvements to our building.
  • Membership Ministry – Coordinates our ministry of welcoming newcomers and visitors
  • Memorial Garden – Maintains our memorial space
  • Music Ministry Committee – Plans and implements activities that support our Music Program.
  • Pastoral Associates – Comforts and connects with congregants in times of great joy and sorrow
  • Religious Education Teams (teachers, assistants) – Implements UU Princeton Religious Education for young people of all ages throughout the year.
  • Social Justice – Engages congregants in issues of social concern and oversees disbursement of funds raised for outreach and social justice causes.
  • Stewardship Team – Coordinates our annual Stewardship Drive
  • Ushers – Distribute Orders of Service on Sunday mornings and collect the offering
  • Worship Associates – trained lay leaders and assistants of our Sunday morning worship services