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Working for Change

A Voice for Justice, Equality and Compassion in New Jersey

The Princeton chapter of the Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry, (UULMNJ), advocates for social and economic legislation that embodies our Unitarian Universalist values. We research issues, formulate positions, and speak with one voice. Through our task forces, we work for economic justice, improved health care, environmental protections, just immigration policies.

As part of the UULMNJ, an affiliation of 21 New Jersey UU congregations, Princeton Unitarians have advocated for clean water, better housing, a higher minimum wage, and immigrant rights.

2016 UULMNJ annual meeting
UU Princeton congregants at 2016 UULMNJ Annual Conference

Task Forces and Issues

UU Princeton congregants work on task forces and, as you can see in the photo, attend meetings and annual Legislative conferences.Task forces develop policy positions and organize advocacy. A task force usually conducts monthly conference calls. Please join one of the statewide task forces to develop positions on policy issues and organize advocacy activities. Here are the task forces and their goals or issues.

Criminal Justice Reform/Mass Incarceration

Chairs: Susan MacDonnell
Solitary Confinement, Parole Reform, Police Accountability, Taxation and Regulation of Marijuana
Bail Reform, Opportunity to Compete passed in 2015

Immigration Reform

Chair: Ted Fetter
Driver’s licenses for undocumented
Refugee Crisis

Economic Justice

Chair: Lorraine Wearley
Affordable Housing, and COAH support
Foreclosure Protection
Minimum Wage
Paid Sick Leave

Environmental Justice

Chair: Bill Potter
Renewable Energy
Water Resources
Fracking Waste Ban

Reproductive Justice/Health Care

Chair: Carol Loscalzo
Reinstatement of Family Planning Funds
Support of Planned Parenthood

Gun Violence Prevention

Chair: Lew Maltby
Domestic Violence
Child-safe Guns

Join Us – Contact Our Liaisons

At UU Princeton liaisons, Francis Prestianni, Elaine Nigam, Katrina Home, and Gena Whitney, make sure information flows smoothly back and forth between our congregation and the larger UULMNJ, arrange meetings, organize petition drives, and facilitate workshops at our congregation.

Please contact us about our work & get involved.

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