Working for Change

A Voice for Justice, Equality and Compassion in New Jersey

The Princeton chapter of the UUFaithActionNJ advocates for social and economic legislation that embodies our Unitarian Universalist values. We research issues, formulate positions, and speak with one voice. Through our task forces, we work for economic justice, reproductive justice, environmental protections, just immigration policies, criminal justice reforms and environmental justice.

As part of the UUFaithActionNJ, an affiliation of 21 New Jersey UU congregations, Princeton Unitarians have advocated for clean water, better housing, a higher minimum wage, and immigrant rights.

Latest Actions (Winter 2017)

The mission of UUFaithNJ is to provide the comprehensive structure for New Jersey Unitarian
Universalists’ non-partisan activism and to identify and participate in legal actions involving questions
that implicate Unitarian Universalist principles. Current priority issues are Economic Justice, Environment, Reproductive Justice, Immigration Reform, Gun Violence Prevention and Criminal Justice Reform.

Some current cases in the docket are:

  1. ACLU-NJ et. al. v. Rochelle Hendricks et. al.,Mercer County (Docket No. C-82-13) Should the New Jersey Secretary of Higher Education be allowed to provide government bond issue funding for religious schools. We have joined the ACLU-NJ, among others, as a party plaintiff.
  2. Hassan v. City of NY (14-1688, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit) This case concerns the New York City Police Department’s surveillance of the Muslim community in New Jersey following the attacks of September 11, 2001. We areis a party to the amicus brief.
  3. DNA Database and Databank Rules (NJAC 13:81 et seq.) We have submitted comments to the proposed revision of regulations regarding DNA testing of minors who are arrested.


2016 UULMNJ annual meeting
Princeton congregants at 2016 Annual Conference

Task Forces and Issues

Our congregants work on task forces and, as you can see in the photo, attend meetings and annual Legislative conferences. Task forces develop policy positions and organize advocacy. A task force usually conducts monthly conference calls. Please join one of the statewide task forces to develop positions on policy issues and organize advocacy activities. Here are the task forces and a small sampling of past and current work:

Criminal Justice Reform/Mass Incarceration

Chairs: Susan MacDonnell
Addressing long standing racial and economic bias in the NJ justice system through bail and parole reform, Special Prosecutors in cases of possible racial bias, radical reduction in use of solitary confinement in NJ prisons, racial bias impact statements.

Immigration Reform

Chair: Ted Fetter
Standing up for undocumented immigrants unfairly targeted for deportation; drivers’ licenses for undocumented people; sensible immigration reform.

Economic Justice

Chair: Lorraine Wearley
Supporting pay equity for women, fair sick leave legislation, and fair housing efforts based on the historic (and unrealized) Mt. Laurel NJ Supreme Court decision.

Environmental Justice

Chair: Bill Potter
Supporting legislation requiring greater use of renewable, earth-friendly energy sources (RETA) and reducing lead in NJ water supplies.

Reproductive Justice/Health Care

Chair: Carol Loscalzo
Leading signature legislation effort around protecting clinic workers; championing intersectionality of reproductive issues with race, class and environmental realities.

Gun Violence Prevention

Chairs: Lew Maltby and Jeannine Coyne
Resisting the weakening of NJ gun legislation (e.g., the possible expansion of Concealed Carry); supporting “Smart” gun technology, community education efforts.


Statewide Meetings

October 14, 2017:  Fall Issues Conference, UU Congregation of Monmouth County

Join Us – Contact Our Liaisons

At UU Princeton liaisons, Katrina Homel,Gena Whitney, and Eileen Bird, make sure information flows smoothly back and forth between our congregation and the larger UUFaithActionNJ, arrange meetings, organize petition drives, and facilitate workshops at our congregation.

Please contact us about our work & get involved.

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