Stewards of the Congregation

We support our mission and congregation in many ways – with our presence, with our work, with our spirits that bring loving hearts and open minds to the community. And we support it financially. We are all stewards of the congregation.

Our congregation practices generosity to the outside world. Every Sunday, part of our weekly offering goes to social justice and denominational outreach groups.The proceeds from our annual Spring Sale support good works in our community. We also make generous donations to support the Legislative Ministry of New Jersey. In all, our congregation contributes more than $80,000 annually to support groups that make the world a better place. UU Princeton encourages generosity.

Our congregation supports our spiritual community – paying salaries for the minister and staff, maintaining our building, funding religious education, spiritual and fellowship programs.

For all of this, our members and friends give generously. We pledge during the annual Stewardship campaign.

Grateful to our fore bearers, we offer our pledges so that we will soar into the future.

Questions? Check out pledge FAQs here.

Ready to pledge?  Open the online pledge form.

Annual Giving for 2017-2018 – Stewardship Presentation

Read about this year’s call to give here.

Annual Giving for 2017-2018  – Letter from Reverend Bill – Now Is Our Time


You can also change your pledge or start a pledge by contacting our Congregational Administrator (609-924-1604) or the Stewardship Ministry team.

Please contact us about Stewardship & Giving.

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