Give to our Future

At UU Princeton, we seek to transform individual lives and create beloved community by living our message of hope, love, justice and joy. Your planned gift to build our endowment can continue to support our mission long beyond your lifetime. Our endowment is our future, allowing UU Princeton in years to come to expand programs, maintain our physical infrastructure, and buffer our budget from sudden shifts in the economy.

We are excited to announce our participation in the Unitarian Universalist Association’s “Legacy Challenge.”  Thanks to a generous gift from the UU Congregation at Shelter Rock, UU Princeton could receive matching funds of up to $10,000 per donor for certain planned gift pledges made through December 31, 2018 (see UU World article). This includes existing gifts about which UU Princeton has not been previously notified.

Gifts such as a bequest in your will, naming UU Princeton as a beneficiary of your retirement plan or insurance policy, charitable trusts and annuities will all qualify for matching – some dollar for dollar up to $10,000. Even gifts of undisclosed value may qualify for a flat $1000 match.

We invite you to consider this opportunity to potentially double the impact of your gift by including UU Princeton as part of your will or estate planning.

To qualify your existing or new gift for this challenge, simply fill out our new Legacy Intention Form.

What is Planned Giving?

Planned gifts include gifts created through your will, living trust, retirement plan or life insurance policy. Also included are giving tools that “pay you back” such as charitable trusts and gift annuities that provide you with an income stream for life. They require some planning ahead and, sometimes, help from a professional advisor. Most planned gifts are deferred and, unlike cash donations, they are typically made from assets in your estate rather than disposable income, and come to fruition upon your passing. Often a planned gift is the largest single gift donors will ever make.

Some planned gifts provide you with an immediate income tax deduction; others provide flexibility during your lifetime and can provide benefits to your estate and your heirs. All planned gifts allow you to create a more meaningful philanthropic legacy.

A common misconception is that planned giving is only for the “wealthy.” The reality is, even people of modest means can make a significant difference through planned giving, if there are assets remaining in their estate, such as a home or a life insurance policy, at the time of death.

We invite you to consider including a gift to UU Princeton as part of your will or estate planning. These gifts will help support the long-term financial stability of the congregation and ensure the preservation of our values for the “times we shall never see.”

There are many ways to make planned gifts, and you can find help in evaluating alternatives from your attorney, accountant, insurance agent, estate planner or banker. Our Unitarian Universalist Association also offers detailed planned giving resources on its website.

If you have already included UU Princeton in your estate plans, please let us know by completing a Legacy Intention Form so you can be recognized as a Chalice Lighters’ Circle member and possibly qualify your gift to UU Princeton for a match under the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Legacy Challenge.